Tuesday, December 21, 2010

English Teachers Desperately Needed in Ulleung-do

The two EPIK teachers on Ulleung Island (120km east of the mainland) will be leaving soon, and EPIK is looking for one elementary school and one middle school teacher to take their spots beginning in March 2011.

The perks, above and beyond the regular EPIK contract benefits, include
  • a 500,000 won monthly "rural" bonus 
  • 10 extra days of vacation
  • relocation allowance 
  • resident ferry rates - 5,000 won one-way
  • north korea would never, ever attack you

For more info on the position, the island, or the people you would be replacing, check out their blog: http://notanothertourist.blogspot.com/2010/12/wanted-teachers-in-ulleungdo.html


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM


    My wife and I have just found out that we will be placed here. We are travelling there tomorrow.

    Was hoping we could exchange emails to find out a bit about the place, the schools, your experiences etc



  2. Hi Satinder! Please send me an email finityjm at gmail.com


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