Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Eight-Legged Playboy

바람둥이[Param dung-i] - literally "wind person" - is a popular expression in Korea that means "playboy", likening a man's mind to the capricious nature of wind. It's probably one of the first non-critical phrases that many foreigners remember, because, hey! it's always fun to share a laugh with a Korean when you call someone out on their infidelity.

Last week I learned a couple of new expressions that are also useful for talking about an uncommitted Korean's love life.

양다리 [Yang dari], meaning "both legs", refers to someone (a man or a woman) who is getting a little sum'n sum'n on the side, i.e. someone is sitting on both of their knees.

Santa wants to fill BOTH of their wishes!

God gave him 8 legs for a reason!

문어다리 [Mun-eo dari], a derivation of 양다리, means "octopus legs". As you can probably deduce, a 문어다리 doesn't limit him or herself to just one extra lover. Just because you have two hands doesn't mean you should only juggle two balls, am I right?!

Incidentally, if you're actually talking about octopus tentacles, the word is 문어발 [Mun-eo bal], or "octopus feet".

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