Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Alliteration is Awesome!

Today I introduced a new lesson plan called "Alliteration is Awesome!" And it was. Once, at least.

Over the last two weeks the classes have been learning and playing "Scattergories," one of my favorite word games ever. If you don't know about it, go play it now. It's up there with Boggle and Scrabble.

In the classroom, all of my students have loved it - even the lowest level boys go screaming-wild crazy over defending their answers, or attacking the answers of the other teams.

Today, after playing Scattegories for the last two classes, I taught my highest-level freshmen girls' class a new activity called "Alliteration is Awesome." It was one of the most memorable classes that I've ever taught. The girls were as creative, energetic, and enthusiastic as I've ever seen them. Of course, it was a high level class, and they were girls, and they usually have quite good energy anyway. We'll see how it plays out in the other 19 classes I teach. For now, though, I'm enjoying the momentary high.

The point of sharing this with you, though, was not to talk about me and my brilliant new lesson plan. I wanted to share the two-sentence stories that the girls came up with in the activity, to show you just how creative and funny they can be. I gave them points for the number of M's used, creativity, and grammatical correctness. People often say that Korean students have trouble thinking outside the box. I think they just haven't gotten the opportunity.

Here are their stories, to illustrate alliteration with the letter "M" (with only minor edits by yours truly):

Team 1
Mickey Mouse and my model mother ordered more and more medium steak and mustard sauce by mobile phone in the metro on Monday.

Team 2
Miss A and Mighty Mouse met in the membership club to show their music on Monday. Marc Jacobs made marble macaroni and took the metro at midnight. He gave the marble macaroni to male mammoths.

Team 3
Many monsters mothers and Magnetos model mom made a party called Merry X-Mas in Mexico. At midnight Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse met a mini monkeys mama who was eating miracle meat with mushrooms, which was the main menu in Marys mild room until next morning.

Team 4
My mothers monkey, the monkeys mom, Mickey Mouse and the main male model Mike made a milk shake and a meal in the mountain on Monday morning. The monster and Minnie Mouse met many members of Mickey Mouses friends in Mexico City, Mexico on a Monday in March.

Team 5
Mandy Moore and Mary met in the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Garden while they were making Monkey Magic bags on Monday morning. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse marry in the Mama & Papa nightlclub in Pohang in the morning.

Team 6
Many monkeys and their moms meet other mother monkeys and father monkeys at the museum during Merry Christmas season. Mins mom met Mike at the music shop to go see a musical and enjoy the moment. They went to see the movie “Mission Impossible in which appear muscle boys.


  1. I wish I had students at a high enough level or age to thoroughly enjoy or understand this game. Good lesson Johnny Teacher!

  2. Fantastic Finity finally finds freaky phonetic fans frolicking frantically in frothy fever to finish their finals.

    Well done!

  3. Why are my comments not showing? It is discriminatory! :-)

  4. Update: I did this lesson with my absolute lowest-level class - 2nd grade boys who are rowdy, sullen, uncooperative, and NEVER speak English - and it was a smash success (all things considered).

    Here is one of the results (with still only slight edits):
    "Messi and Madonna made babies in the motel on Monday morning."

    The students seem to get a real kick out of the sound of their sentences as I say them.


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