Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kimchi gold

As I wrote on Monday, kimchi is in short supply around these parts. NPR has also picked up on the story, which they blame on "heavy rains" - presumably a result of the typhoons that have been hitting the country lately.


  1. When you described in an earlier article about making kimchi, it sounded like people made it in huuuggge batches, that people hoarded for a years worth supply. Is that having an effect? Is this time of year current for cabbage harvest?

  2. The kimchi shortage is primarily affecting restaurants, schools, and others who have to buy kimchi on a daily or weekly basis. It's a short-term price adjustment, so the families whose kimchi refrigerators are still stocked don't have a problem.

    I'm not sure about the cabbage harvest dates, but I suppose it must be. The price of a head of cabbage has tripled or quadrupled in some places.


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