Monday, September 06, 2010

Faces of Pohang

People come and go. It's simultaneously the best and the worst thing about living here. You get to meet a lot of diverse, interesting people from every English-speaking country in the world, but within a year or two you have to say goodbye. Much like the cells in a human body, which die off and are re-born.

It's an inevitability of living abroad that the expat community is constantly fluctuating - most of the foreigners here in Korea are English teachers, whether in hagwons or public schools, and are serving a standard one-year contract. Many don't renew, for whatever reason. Other become mainstays, and form the backbone of the ever-changing local foreign community.

It's not only foreigners that shape the family of expats living abroad. Some of the strongest forces in the community are locals whose passion for English and new friends keeps the spirit alive.

These are some of their faces. I'll hopefully keep this page updated as I take more pictures. I'd like to create a running photo album of all of the people who have helped make Pohang into what it is for me.

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  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    im deducting 1000 won for the cost of the cheese you bought for me from the box of tissues you now owe me.


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