Friday, December 04, 2009

Photos from around I-dong

It's a strange fact of travel that when you live somewhere, even for a short time, you take it for granted. I always realize months later that I never took any pictures of the most familiar places or people - things I wish now I remembered better. I have a bunch of pictures of random, stupid places that I don't care much for now, but nothing of the things that really mattered to me at the time.

Lisa and I got a new camera recently (a DSLR) so I hope it motivates me to get more pictures of the things I spend most of my time looking at. I spent an afternoon last weekend walking around our 'hood and taking some shots.
These evergreens are popular in Korea, and always manicured like a poodle in a Dr. Seuss book.

The Elvis statue at Giant Step, a popular bar down the street with sometimes live music.

It's kimchi-making season; the heyday of cabbage sellers across the country.

The basketball court at the park next to our apartment, under soon-to-be stormy skies.

Our friendly neighborhood Dunkin' Donuts employee.

A baby with maybe the fattest face I've ever seen. In Dunkin' Donuts, no less.


  1. Mama Jonny11:38 PM

    That's a pretty round head.....

  2. Mama Jonny11:39 PM

    Is it coincidence...the shape of the baby's head and the views of the basketball goal?


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