Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Korean Pizza

Pizza has made some byroads into the heart of the Korean culinary experience. There are a couple of purely Korean franchises like Mr. Pizza and Pizza Etang, and though Domino's and Pizza Hut do exist (both within a mile of our house), all of the pizzas on their menus have certainly two inalienable Korean characteristics.

1. Yellow corn
I'm not really sure how the corn-topping craze hit the Korean pizza market, since yellow corn is an imported and rarely eaten food, but hit it has. Regardless of the type of pizza you order - meat lover's, seafood, potato, or corn-less - it will come with sweet yellow kernels of corn tossed in.

2. Crust variations
You can get cheese-filled and sweet-potato-filled, shrimp-topped and, as seen below, chicken-drumstick-topped. There are other variations as well, but Lisa doesn't like anybody messing with her pizza crust so we don't experiment with the options very often.

We also don't eat it very often because it's expensive and because, well, Korean food is pretty damn good as it is. I don't crave pizza often but even when I do I'm not really willing to shell out 20-30,000 won for a pie. I gotta admit, though - I do love an inventive crust.

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