Friday, November 13, 2009

Surprise! Euna Lee gets a book deal

What a surprise! Eun Lee, one of the journalists captured by North Korea and rescued by Bill Clinton, will write a book about her experience. Her partner in crime, Laura Ling, is apparently already pitching a book with her sister Lisa Ling.

Did anyone NOT see this coming? The fact that these women will profit off of their naive and irresponsible actions strikes me as rather appalling. The only way I could see them justifying their books is if they donate ALL of the proceeds from their sale to organizations working to smuggle North Koreans out of their country. Their original documentary, after all, was supposedly about the plight of these refugees, who spend months or years fighting for their freedom, often only to be recaptured by the Chinese and shipped back North, where a lifetime of labor camps (a fate that Lee and Ling miraculously escaped) awaits them.

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  1. preach on preacher! books are dumb!


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