Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Korean Fire Drill

As opposed to a Chinese Fire Drill,

a Korean Fire Drill is actually a fire drill. It's in capital letters here because it is a pretty damn serious affair. When my co-teacher told me that we would have a fire drill two weeks prior to the date, I wondered about the advance notice. I mean, it takes me two seconds to get ready to evacuate a building. I realize now that the notice wasn't for me, but for the teachers and students who had actual responsibilities during the drill. Setting off the smoke bombs, for instance. Or Hooking up the fire hose to the hydrant out back and spraying down the front of the building. A team of four students ran into the "burning" building and rescued an "injured" student on a stretcher, carrying him to a waiting ambulance. Thirty minutes later, after a frenzy of activity and a speech by the fire chief on our school's performance, we were back in class.

smokin' the kids out of school:

effectively washing the school windows:

you think they'd know the difference if the smoke were real?:

saving the school's important documents:
the fire department expends their water surplus:
his heart! this 16 year old boy is having a heart attack!:

luckily the paramedics were on the scene:

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  1. This is one of the best things I've ever seen. Thanks for the blogs; I'll be heading to Daejeon with my girlfriend in February.


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