Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More on Teacher's Day

This was the classroom that Ms. Hwang, a 3rd grade (senior) home room teacher, walked into last Friday on Teacher's Day:

They also made her a giant posterboard with notes and pictures all over it. 

It may make being a teacher in Korea seem like a piece of cake, and a fun one at that. But Korean teachers, especially 3rd grade high school teachers, work their asses off. 3rd graders are studying like crazy to pass the Korean SATs in the fall, so they come to school 7 days/week. Mr. Lee, the 3rd grade Head Teacher last year, said he only got one day off during the entire year. ONE DAY. Not one day of vacation. One day of not being at school.

So whatever they get on Teacher's Day is a pittance compared with the work required of them.

1 comment :

  1. WOW; that schedule is just nuts. And they say that Americans work too hard? (Also; is this a school with a uniform code?)


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