Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter's envy

In Korea they believe that Winter envies the coming warmth of Spring, and that its jealousy brings a bout of fierce cold in the middle of a warm spell. This bout is called 쏯(flower) 샘(jealous)추위(cold) (kot-sem-chu-wi). It lasts for two to three days and makes the spring blooms wither slightly.

A couple of nights ago a cold, fierce wind whipped through Pohang. Lisa and I were blown home from dinner - it may have been the strongest wind I've ever felt, and it lasted most of the night. We could hear canvas flapping and doors banging outside on the street. Last night, perhaps in consequence, I had a dream about a tornado. Just in case you were wondering.

1 comment :

  1. yeah, that shit was brutal. but today spring looked pretty officially arrived. i bought a nice lil road bike to celebrate.


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