Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Orientation

Here are some pics of what our daily orientation life has been like:

Our crib.

The can. Like Kenya, the open bathroom is also popular in Korea, with no separation between the shower and the rest of the room. Everything is tiled so cleanup is really easy. You just splash water everywhere. I really like this setup.

Lisa in the laundry room. She's pretty much fluent in Korean, so it was a cinch. (It helped that the Maytag washers had instructions in English.)

The cafeteria. It's really shiny.

Breakfast. Yeah, that's kimchi and cornflakes. The Koreans don't touch the cornflakes - it's strictly for the Westerners.

Lunch/dinner. It is always a healthy serving of rice, some soup/broth, kimchi, fruit salad with mayo, and some noodles or meat.

The campus coffee shop - pretty swanky. I had read that access to coffee was few and far between in Korea. So far that has been thoroughly disproven, with not only a plethora of good coffee shops, but also coffee dispensers on almost every corner. I'm crossing my fingers that this trend continues.

I wanted to post a video of our Class Leader, Grissom (he told us that he chose his English name because CSI is his FAVORITE show), because he's hilarious. His English isn't the best, but he makes up for it with enthusiasm and animation.

Here is a video of one of our class sessions: Songs & Chants. It was led by a very charismatic elementary school teacher, who needed only a few claps to turn a room full of supposed adults into giddy schoolchildren. Most of our sessions were very blase - this was one of the only spirited classes.


  1. my favorite part is when you cut to lisa and she's like "stop...STOP" ahahahhaa miss you guys!

  2. "Father Abraham" singalong with gestures. Great! only noticed on minor change in the song though ;-)


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