Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the waiting game

lisa and i submitted our 2nd round documents (background check, letter of recommendation, diploma copy, transcripts, and full application, along with the appropriate apostilles) to the EPIK recruiter two weeks ago, and he forwarded them onto korea. now we're waiting, and it's killing me. i can't stand depending blindly on someone else. if i can talk to them, face-to-face, or at least on the phone, then i can get a play-by-play and i know where i stand. if i know where i stand, then i know whether i can do anything about it or not. if i can do something about it, then i'll do it immediately. if not, f*$# it. i'll move on. but since i already bought our plane tickets for february 16th, moving on isn't an option i'm willing to consider quite yet.

once we hear back from them with our employment contract, we can apply at the embassy for the E-2 visa needed to teach in korea. but we can't do anything until we hear from them. i gotta admit, i was kinda stressing out yesterday and badgering the recruiter about it. but after finding out that it only takes 2-3 days to process the visa application, my anxiety has subsided. i'm gearing up to go.

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