Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meat pile recipe!

My sister involved me in a recipe exchange chain letter yesterday for a recipe exchange. Since I love making and eating food, I felt obliged to participate. I sent a recipe for roasted red pepper hummus to the email address listed, and forwarded the invitation to 20 people. They were supposed to send a recipe back to my sister, who is vegan (although I did not make a comment about her dietary preference in the email). My coworker Sandra, who I included in the invitation list, responded with the following recipe:

"Whenever I get hungry and don't have much time to run to the store, I grab a steak, chicken, bacon, sausage, veal, and cream out of my fridge (which everyone has on hand! if you happen to not have one of the ingredients, it's okay, just substitute more bacon!)

I wrap bacon completely around the steak, so you can't see it. In a frying pan, I fry an extra 8 strips of bacon, take them out, and snack on those while I make the rest. I fry the bacon covered steak in bacon juice. In a separate pan, sautee onions and garlic in more bacon fat, add sausage and ground chicken.

When the chicken and sausage are cooked through, pile them on a plate. Top that with the bacon covered steak, barely cooked, to about a rare temperature.

Cook veal in the leftover bacon grease from the steak, add red wine and about 2 cups of heavy cream, reduce, and pour sauce over the pile of meat.

I laughed so hard I literally cried onto my keyboard.

1 comment :

  1. Poppsadoodle3:38 PM

    No way can this be a real recipe. There is no mention at all of seasonings involved. Not even salt or pepper. I'm appalled.


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