Tuesday, January 03, 2006


kenyan children love to follow along behind us, whispering and laughing. in an effort to fulfill the peace corps mission of cultural understanding on behalf of both parties, many volunteers greet the kids by turning to run at them and screaming. in this picture tony demonstrates this tactic. for some reason the children become frightened at this display of affection, and sprint away, their faces contorted by fright and terror. after several seconds, however, when they realize that this crazy mzungu won't eat them, they turn and fall over each other laughing hysterically.

mabanda is a very small town, located just west of thika. the main shopping center is a strip of buildings that runs along the main road for about 300 yards, consisting mainly of bars and three or four dukas, all of which sell the same items (soap, bread, toilet paper). while we may not have an internet cafe, a post office, or a police station, we have something your "city" most likely does not. an artificial insemination center.

christmas in nyeri. l to r: nancy, amanda, ross, sheila, dan, ugali-man, jean, tony, me.

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