Friday, November 04, 2005

picture update

my five-year-old sister Vicky - she speaks very limited swahili and no english (except for the occasional "how ah yooo?" which she only says when she thinks i can't hear her). we communicate through smiles and tickles.

the puppies (and a neighborhood kid). my baba says i'm supposed to name them, but inspiration hasn't hit me yet. many families here own dogs but rarely do they acknowledge any responsibility for them, requiring them to scrounge for their own food. i slip them some bread or goat meat whenever i can. rabies is also a big problem here and we have to lock the pups up at night so they don't get attacked by larger dogs.

the first slaughtering experience - we're plucking the feathers in this picture. everything i do outside (and often inside) attracts attention from the children. it can be annoying at times but they are so endearing that i don't stay upset.

the escort after the goat escape.

the cotton gin in kitui. all manually operated, with equipment left over from the 1930's. the workers make about $3 per day (9 hour shifts, 6 days per week).

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