Thursday, September 15, 2005

kenya for real

i'm mad to live. there are too many places in the world, too many people to meet. how can you understand the world without having been in it; living, breathing, eating, swimming, running, driving, smelling, hiking, surfing, feeling everything that life has to offer. call me young and idealistic, i'll call you old and cynical. too many people toss their dreams aside for a simple life that requires no sacrifice, no challenge, and i am not going to be one of them. a popular high school yearbook cliche came to mind earlier today which pretty much sums up the cynic's mentality: 'don't ever change.' change is a part of life, it is what makes it worthwhile. even inside of your monotonous daily routines, change defines your reality. maybe it's who got voted off of survivor last night or how your garden tomatoes are finally blooming, but your reaction to change, your adaptation to the unexpected gives you personality. you can face change with excitement or with trepidation - in either instance your mentality makes all the difference.

kenya in 7 days

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