Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pohang Fireworks Festival 2011

International Fireworks Competition 2011 - Program (English)

This is the program for the Saturday night show (7/30) at Bukbu Beach. It kicks off at 8:30pm, so get there super early if you want to sit in the sand.

Pohang Fireworks Festival schedule (Korean)
There are also fireworks on Thursday (Bukbu Beach) and Friday (Hyeongsan River Park - next to the POSCO bridge), as well as other festival activities all weekend.

Here's a map with locations of the events.

Here's a map of the Saturday night fireworks location with parking lots marked.

축제행사장 주변은 교통이 혼잡하므로 외곽 임시주차장에 주차후 도보 또는 대중교통을 이용하시면 귀가시 편리합니다.


  1. Sounds cool. Is there a purpose for the fireworks/festival, or just 'because'? Also curious about the colored circles on the bottom graphic. Blast Radius perhaps? ;-)

  2. It's an international fireworks competition, held every year in Pohang. Teams from four or five different countries around the world participate, and put together a fireworks show choreographed to music. It's pretty spectacular.

    The circles seem pretty pointless. On the key I think they mean "parking guide" and "entrance guide," from what I can tell.


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